Who We Are

San Diego Institute of Science and Technology (San Diego SciTech) provides critical support to students who have historically been deprived of opportunity by helping them to achieve their dreams of success in high school, college, job placement, and a brighter future.

Growth and Evolution

The San Diego Institute of Science and Technology (San Diego SciTech) is the latest initiative from the Elementary Institute of Science (EIS), located in southeastern San Diego. San Diego SciTech encompasses all the high school programs currently in place at EIS to provide students a safe place to achieve an equitable platform for higher education in all areas of STEM. Access to higher education has the power to transform individuals, families, and communities. Unfortunately, many students from low-income and underrepresented families face significant barriers to college entry, completion, and workforce development (particularly in STEM careers).
San Diego SciTech Elements

Our History

Beginning with a 10-gallon aquarium, elementary school teacher Tom Watts began a club that would grow to impact thousands of students throughout the years.

Aspirational Roots & Inspirational Growth

In 1964, as the Civil Rights Act, Space Race, and Great Society brought promise of a brighter future, Tom Watts started a science club in his Kennedy Elementary School classroom to ensure his students would have the opportunity to be part of that brighter future.

The club surged to 70 members by 1967. Watts expanded the program to an abandoned house that the City of San Diego agreed to rent for one dollar. Within five years, the National Science Foundation recognized EIS as one of two programs in the U.S. and one of five in the world focusing on hands-on science for youth.

A Beacon of Community Progress

Since day one, parents, teachers, and countless others have worked to support EIS’s students and mission. The Salk Institute, Rosenberg Foundation and Scripps Institute of Oceanography became EIS’s first organizational partners between 1968 and 1969. Since then, supporting organizations and businesses have been integral to EIS’s success.

In 2004, passionate EIS students and alumni rallied community support to raise $6 million to construct a new 15,000-square foot facility. The Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation, the Kresge Foundation and other anonymous donors committed challenge grants that helped galvanize support from dozens of other local, state and national institutions.

Support San Diego SciTech

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