Creeks to Peaks Science Program

The Creeks to Peaks program is a structured educational initiative that equips high school students with an excellent understanding of environmental science through a blend of local and national exploratory experiences.

Jackson Hole Science Expeditions

Kelly Campus of Teton Science Schools
July 1 – July 24, 2024
Jackson Hole, WY

It begins with the “Creeks Phase,” focusing on in-depth studies of either local watersheds or marine environments. This stage may include water quality assessments, conservation strategies, and ecosystem health evaluations, aiming to instill a comprehensive understanding of the interconnectedness of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. The program then advances to the “Peaks Phase,” highlighted by the Jackson Hole Expedition, in partnership with the Teton Science Schools’ summer programs.

San Diego SciTech Elements

2024 Program Details

This 26-day expedition takes students to the heart of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, offering an immersive experience in one of the most ecologically diverse and preserved areas in the United States. Participants are engaged in field-based research, wildlife observation, and ecological studies, enhancing their appreciation for the complexity of natural systems and the importance of conservation.

The knowledge and skills acquired from these explorations are applied to the development and execution of environmental projects. Under the guidance of EIS instructors, these projects are designed to educate younger students through engaging, hands-on learning activities, thereby promoting environmental awareness and stewardship among the next generation.

Additionally, the Creeks to Peaks program provides students with the unique opportunity to interact with and learn from professionals involved in the Blue and Green economies. These interactions shed light on sustainable practices and career pathways in environmental science, highlighting the crucial role of preserving our planet’s marine and terrestrial resources.


The Creeks to Peaks program aspires to cultivate a group of informed, inspired, and equipped future scientists through its comprehensive curriculum, combining hands-on watershed and marine studies, the transformative Jackson Hole Expedition, impactful environmental projects, and professional mentorship. Participants are not only prepared for academic and career pursuits in STEM fields but are also informed with a lifelong dedication to environmental conservation and sustainability.

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